Sometimes kids aren't too careful. We can fix that.

Block Unwanted Content

  Block Adult Websites
  Block Advertising
  Block Tracking and Telemetry
  Block Social Networking
  Block Online Gaming
  Block Illegal Activities
  Enforce Safe Searching
  Enforce Safe Image Searches
  Enforce Safe YouTube Videos

Block Dangerous Content

  Block Malicious Websites
  Block Phishing Sites
  Block Fake Look-alike Sites
  Block Scam and Fraud Sites
  Block Suspicious Countries
  Supports 3rd Party DNS
  Protects Your Privacy

Simple to Install and Use

  Install in 60 seconds
  Per User Settings
  User Defined Blocklist
  User Defined Whitelist
  Free Daily Updates
  Free Tech Support
  No Subscription Required
  No Annual Fees

Works great with these computers and many others…

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