CYBERsitter Keyboard and Activity Monitor Main Screen

The picture at the left shows the CYBERsitter Keyboard and Activity Monitor main screen.

During normal operation, nothing is visible on the target computer. To access this screen, you simply press your defined "Hot Key" combination. The main screen will then pop up and you will be able to make any changes or view log files that have been recorded.

Configuration is extremely easy, the recommended options are selected for you automatically.

There are no other options that you need to set or any other requirements necessary. Install it and you are basically done.

CYBERsitter Keyboard and Activity Monitor Remote Viewer and Logger

The picture above shows the remote viewer and logger screen. This screen automatically scrolls as new data comes in. Everything you see is happening live, in real time.

While you can maintain logs on the computer being monitored, you can also maintain them on a computer running the remote viewer. This allows parents to see what their kids have been up to without the necessity of access their computer. Plus, it you are monitoring multiple computers, it will maintain the logs by user name so you can easily analyze activity. The logs look identical to the viewer screen, so they are easy to read.

Setting up the remote viewer is easy. Just install it. It automatically sees any computer on your network you are monitoring with the keyboard and activity monitor.

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