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Cybersitter is the most advanced and effective product for restricting access to objectionable internet material.
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CYBERsitter 10.0 Download Instructions

Note: If you are a registered CYBERsitter 9.0 (or earlier) user, do not download from this page to replace a lost copy. Replacement downloads are no longer available. You will need to upgrade to CYBERsitter Version 10.

Before you download:

If you have previously installed another filtering product on your computer, you should uninstall the other product(s) prior to installing CYBERsitter. This is because all filtering products make changes that affect how your Internet system files function. As each product requires it's own modifications to work properly, changes made by other products may produce undesirable results and make it more difficult to uninstall at a later time.

Important: If you have an older version of CYBERsitter (i.e. 9.0 or earlier) on your computer and are downloading CYBERsitter 10, this will not automatically upgrade your version. We strongly recommend that you uninstall your old version first. If you are upgrading from an older version, you will need to upgrade - click here.

If you should desire to uninstall CYBERsitter, there is a built in function under the within CYBERsitter itself under it's Tools/Support section.  Do not attempt to uninstall manually. Using the built-in function will guarantee that your system is returned to it's original configuration.

Hint: You may want to print this page before downloading!

Installation Instructions

The file you are about to download is an executable file that will install CYBERsitter on your computer. After installation, you will be able to use CYBERsitter free of charge for 10 consecutive days.

Depending on your browser, you will need to choose "Save as..." or "Save To Disk" to save the file to your hard disk. Be sure to specify SETUPCS10.EXE as the file name. Also, make sure you remember the directory where your browser downloaded the file. We recommend that you download it to your "Desktop", then delete the SETUPCS10.EXE icon from your desktop after you have completed installation.

After you have successfully downloaded the file, run SETUPCS10.EXE from your desktop or the download folder where you saved the setup program. This will start the setup program. The setup procedure should take less than 1 minute.

The setup program will install a rainbow colored icon in your system tray. Just double click on this icon to launch CYBERsitter. 

All documentation is provided in the included help file. Just click on the "Help" button to read the documentation for any screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE - UNINSTALLING:  If you decide to uninstall CYBERsitter for any reason, an internal "Uninstall" function is built-in and can be on the "Tools" page in CYBERsitter 10.0.

CYBERsitter 10.0 requires Windows XP or Windows Vista. It will not run on older versions of Windows.
Technical Support
Technical support for the free trial version of CYBERsitter is provided by e-mail only. Telephone support is not available for trial version users.
Anti-Piracy Issues
If you are downloading CYBERsitter and are planning on registering it illegally, we suggest you read our anti-piracy policy statement.

Click Here to Download CYBERsitter 10.0