Cybersitter is the most advanced and effective product for restricting access to objectionable internet material.
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Advanced Features

For inexperienced users, complicated configuration is not necessary. CYBERsitter installs with default settings that will provide exceptional filtering, performance, and security.

For power users and system administrators, CYBERsitter contains a wide array of features that allow advanced control over filtering and security. The use of these features is fully documented in the CYBERsitter help system.

Filtering Options
  • Selectable blocking of WWW, Newsgroups, Chat, Mail, Messaging programs.
  • Detailed log file of user violations.
  • Control Internet access by day and time.
  • Add custom objectionable sites and personal information.
  • Add custom "Always Allowable" sites.
  • Allow access to ONLY specified sites ("White List") if desired.
  • Deny access to specified TCP/IP ports or port ranges.
  • Ignore access to specified TCP/IP ports or port ranges.
  • Automatic "Repair" function to fix common problems quickly.
  • Full proxy server support including authentication.
  • Daily activity reports can be sent to parent or administrator by e-mail.
  • User configurable redirection options for blocked sites.
  • Automatic update of filter files performed secretly in the background.
  • "Suspend" feature suspends filtering for a user defined number of minutes.
  • Sophisticated security and anti-tampering options.
  • Logs unauthorized attempts to access program.
  • Logs attempts to hack program or settings.
  • User selectable stealth options.
  • Optionally disable access to DOS prompt.
  • Optionally disable access to Network control panel applet.
  • Optionally disable access to Internet control panel applet.
  • Optionally disable registry editing.
  • Optionally disable access to the system time applet.
  • Optionally exclude selected user profiles from filtering.
  • Automatic, internal time synchronization with Internet time servers.
  • Automatically disables hacker programs that attempt to alter settings.
  • Dynamic encryption of sensitive settings defeats hacking attempts.


  1. Some security options listed above are not available on Windows NT/2000/XP systems, as the operating system itself offers these options based on the users profile as set up by the system administrator.
  2. Some security options are not applicable to users running Windows Vista as they are already built-in to the operating system.