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Free Trial Download We would like to invite you to download a free trial so you can give our product a try and see how well it will work for you and your family. Our free trial is a fully functioning version with no limitations. The free trial will function for 10 days, including full daily filter updates. When you install the trial version, a 10 day registration code is generated for you automatically, so all you need to do is install CYBERsitter, select your settings, and you’re done. You do not need to set up an account, supply a credit card, or do anything else to start your free trial. Your free trial will not start until you install CYBERsitter, so you can download now and install later if you need to. Registered Users If you need to re-download CYBERsitter for any reason, you can also use the form on the right to request a download. A Word About Passwords When you install CYBERsitter, you can set a password to keep it secure. We do not keep track of user passwords, so make sure you write it down somewhere in case you forget it.
Getting Started Please fill out the download request form below and click on the “Send Request” button. You will receive your download information by return email within a few seconds. We will also include a link to a printable document that will explain in detail how to download and install CYBERsitter. So even if you are new to downloading and installing software from the Internet, you should still be up and running in just a few minutes. Please take a minute to also look through our CYBERsitter Frequently Asked Questions. Many common questions are covered there.