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Will my credit card be billed automatically each year?

No, we don't believe in automatic billing. A lot of people just pay their bills and don't examine them thoroughly and there is something just bordering on unethical when a company relies on sneaking their annual subscription through. We will send you a reminder, and it will be your choice whether to continue with your subscription or not.

How do I renew my CYBERsitter subscription?

The program has a built-in "order form" function to help you renew your subscription. It is 100% secure and uses the same exact methods as a secure web site. In fact it is more secure than ordering from a web site because there are no cookies saved and ho history recorded by your browser. No personal information is saved anywhere. Using this method automatically extends your subscription by the time period you select. All you need to do is click on the "Subscription Options" button on the "About" tab in CYBERsitter. Then follow the instructions. It takes only a few seconds.

If I don't renew my subscription will CYBERsitter still work?

When your subscription expires, CYBERsitter will stop downloading new filters each day. The filters contain an expiration date, and will stop functioning on that date, typically 10-30 days after your subscription expires. When you renew your subscription. CYBERsitter will resume updating your filters each day.

Will I be charged for an upgrade when a major new release is available?

No. By moving to a subscription model, we have done away with upgrade fees. Your subscription includes everything, including all major and minor releases of CYBERsitter. All users with current subscriptions will always have access to the latest of everything. At some point we will release CYBERsitter 12, then 13 and so on. As long as your subscription is current, these releases will be available to you at no additional charge.

Will I be charged if I need to re-download CYBERsitter?

No. CYBERsitter is always available for download any time you need to. Some of our competitors charge an additional $8.95 or more for "download protection". We don't believe that is very ethical. If you have a current subscription for a product, you should always be able to re-download when necessary.