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How do I enter my subscription registration code in CYBERsitter 11

After purchasing your subscription, you will receive a subscription registration code by email within a minute or two. Just follow these steps to activate your subscription:

I purchased CYBERsitter and installed, but it says my subscription expires in a few days.

When you first install CYBERsitter, it installs as a trial version. You should have received an email with your subscription registration code. Just follow the instructions above.

I am using an older version of CYBERsitter. Do I need to uninstall before installing CYBERsitter 11?

Yes, we recommend that you uninstall any previous CYBERsitter before installing CYBERsitter 11. All versions of CYBERsitter must be uninstalled using the uninstall function built-in to the program. They cannot be uninstalled using the normal Add Remove Programs or Programs options found in the Windows control panel.

I am trying to set up a password but the boxes are grayed out.

You just need to click on the "Edit" button to put the password settings into edit mode so you can enter or change your password or challenge questions and answers. The password screen was designed this way on purpose to help prevent against accidental password changes.

I ordered a 2 (or more) user version. How to I register the extra copies?

On the first computer, go to the 'About" tab, and click on the "Subscription Options" button. Write down your License Code. Go the next computer and again, go to the About" tab, and click on the "Subscription Options" button. This time select "I have a license code" option, and enter your license code in the box provided. Your license will be checked and you can do this for as many computers as you purchased subscriptions for.

How can I download the free CYBERsitter Remote Activity Monitor add-in?

Just fill out and submit the request below and we will send you details.

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My icon is not in my system tray like it was with older versions of CYBERsitter.

Older versions of CYBERsitter always had an icon in the system tray because a portion of CYBERsitter needed to be running at all times. CYBERsitter 11 no longer requires this and there is no need to have an icon in the system tray. You should have an icon on your desktop that looks like an orange and white life preserver if you did not uncheck that option during setup. If you chose to omit the desktop icon, you can the program in your Start menu programs. Note: You will only be able to access CYBERsitter if you are an Administrator for that computer.

How do I uninstall CYBERsitter 11?

For security purposes, we do not create a CYBERsitter entry in the "Add Remove Programs" area of Windows. To uninstall CYBERsitter, open the program, click on the "About" tab, and you will see a button marked "Uninstall". By locating the uninstall function here, users will not be able to uninstall CYBERsitter unless they know the correct password.