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What versions of Windows does CYBERsitter work with?

CYBERsitter works with all versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit.

What browsers does CYBERsitter work with?

CYBERsitter works with all browsers. In fact, it does not even know what browser you are using. We do recommend and use Firefox however, mainly because it offers great protection against rogue web sites that can attack your computer and install malware.

What anti-virus programs does CYBERsitter work with?

CYBERsitter should work with almost all anti-virus programs. We have had problems with Eset/Nod32 in the past and suggest that you do not use their products. It is important to realize that there are over 20 anti-virus software companies. All but a few of these companies are non-US based companies and have poor to nonexistent technical support. Some charge extra for each tech support incident. On a few occasions, some anti-virus programs have classified CYBERsitter as "spyware" because it records internet access for you to review. Obviously, if you install CYBERsitter on a computer you own, logging of user activity is an important feature you choose to use. CYBERsitter is definitely not spyware.

Generally, it is a good idea to tell your anti-virus program not to interfere with any of CYBERsitters components. All of CYBERsitters components are "code signed", which is an industry standard system for identifying legitimate applications using a digital signature embedded into the program. Most major anti-virus programs will use automatic exclusion functions when program components are digitally signed by the publisher. This is not a hard and fast rule however, and you may want to enter manual exclusions just to be safe.

Some anti-virus programs have specific issues as follows:

AVG - You should set AVG manually to exclude CYBERsitter from scanning after you install CYBERsitter. You also need to disable the AVG Link Scanner, Search Shield, and Active Search Shield functions. These functions will interfere with CYBERsitters filtering. We generally don't recommend AVG any longer, however if you follow these recommendations, you should have no problems.

Eset/Nod32 - We do not recommend that you use any product from this company. In the past when we have reported issues to them, they never responded and in testing their products we experienced numerous problems completely unrelated to CYBERsitter, including making Windows un-bootable.

Does CYBERsitter work with other web filters?

Generally this is not a good idea. While CYBERsitter may work with some other web filters, it also may conflict with them. Some web filters check external web sites for their key words, and CYBERsitter may filter these and cause problems with the other web filter. CYBERsitter uses lists that are stored on your computer, so it is unlikely that another program will interfere with CYBERsitters filtering, however it is very difficult to troubleshoot problems when more than one web filter is installed. We do not claim to support this, and discourage users from using more than one web filter at a time.

This is also true of anti-virus web filters. Anti-virus programs are probably the most bloated programs on earth. Every year they feel compelled to add some other useless functions to encourage you to upgrade. One of these things is web filters that perform various functions that slow down your computer and usually offer little or no protection from anything. We recommend that you turn off any anti-virus program web filter, and leave that to CYBERsitter. This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It offers everything you need to keep your computer safe and secure with none of the bloat and useless features of other anti-virus programs. Plus it is free for everyone.