Protecting Kids and Families for 15 Years Copyright © 2010 CYBERsitter LLC / Solid Oak Software CYBERsitter 11 provides many new features and options that are simply not available in any other parental control product. Parents can  completely customize the environment for each member of the family with no cumbersome user account setup. CYBERsitter 11 works with all versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, including 32/64-bit versions.  Classic Edition - All New for 2010 Our popular CYBERsitter 10 product for Windows XP and Vista 32-bit only Monitor and control your PC from any other PC anywhere using a USB device. Keyboard Monitor Monitor typing and activity in real time from a remote PC Free utility for profiling information and diagnosing problems on your PC. Ultra high performance anti-spam email gateway for Windows servers. Works with all email servers products. Used by educational institutions, corporations, government, and ISPs to prevent spam and email attacks. Centralized, server based filtering of inappropriate web sites at the DNS level. CYBERsitter Lists is a plug-in for the popular Simple DNS Plus DNS server for Windows. Allows filtering of entire networks with no changes necessary to workstations.